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29 September 2010 @ 09:52 am
Just got the following email from the nice lady who heads all of the Adam/Donors Choose fundraising:

Hey Glam Nation -

This week only, DonorsChoose.org has the opportunity to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS for classrooms from American Express. But, in order to get it, 100,000 people have to pledge to improve education at MembersProject.com/Pledge. That’s $10 a pledge!!! [Ed. Note: Said pledge does NOT have to be monetary in nature--pledges include donating school supplies, tutoring a student, etc]

So what do you say? Will you help us get the word out on Twitter and Facebook? We’d be oh-so-grateful if you could tell your friends and family!

Thanks for alllll you’ve done to Glam Classrooms at DonorsChoose.org!

Glam on,


P.S. – Consider this a teaser that we’ll have more videos from Adam’s visit to the DonorsChoose.org offices available soon!
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A note from the Donors Choose Gods~

$22,000 and counting! Thank you so much for all the money raised to date—and we are just getting started! Adam recorded this video for you guys at last Friday night’s Charlotte show:

NOTE: We will run the Glam A Classroom campaign through Adam’s domestic Glam Nation tour; approx. end of September.

Keep up the great work!!!

/ ALSO. The ontd_ai page is now at $99,778 in total dollars raised!! Let's try to push that past 100k this weekend Y/MFY? Click here to give!
26 June 2010 @ 05:44 pm
First off, I went through the comments of last weeks Dollar Drive for Heifer International and it looks like we all raised, at minimum $900, which is awesome! I hope everyone had fun. The total giving from Team Alright with Moo currently stands at $26,455.

Secondly, Adam and Donors Choose have paired up for another challange! Here's some info on the details directly from them:

Glam A Classroom is here! Adam has tweeted about the campaign—it is in the news in the blogs—the leaderboard is approaching $9,000—and there is excitement in the air!

Once again we will be asking for your help to support arts and music classroom projects. Any donations made through ontd_ai's old giving page from yesterday until the end of the challange will count. This would be an excellent time to push past 100k!

DonorsChoose.org will give out prizes:
For every donation made regardless of amount given, you'll be entered to win one of 15 gift cards to the Adam Lambert Official Store.

At the end of the campaign, the top 25 givers overall will receive a custom poster and a gift card to the Lambert Store.

Adam set a collective goal of 3,000 fans giving donations! So let's do it!

NOTE: there is not a direct fan group vs. fan group challenge; however Adam loves the that you guys get pumped up to outdo each other -- so keep up the friendly competition going.

/Donors Choose message

Donors Choose hasn't set an exact date for the end of the campaign, but I'll make sure to update people here and on ontd_ai when I hear more. It is my understanding that it will run at least through his current tour.
Heeey guys! So the combination of results both here and at ontd_ai means that we're going to have the dollar drive on Sunday starting at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT. This entry is unlocked but the Dollar Drive post will be locked so if you're not a member yet make sure to join!

Until tomorrow you can keep up to date with totals and happenings over at the Heifer Team page and at the @alrightwithmoo twitter!

A special thank you to teamaims for pulling this together over at ontd_ai!

And, as always, Sparkle Kris thanks you for your time.

18 June 2010 @ 08:15 pm
As some of you are probably aware, people (including myself) have been fundraising to buy cows and other livestock via Heifer International for Kris Allen's 25th birthday at Team Alright with Moo.

Heifer International is a charity focused toward helping families and communities through gifts of livestock and training to help them improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways. You can learn more about their mission statement, past projects and other aspects here. Heifer has been great throughout these last couple days in promoting the fundraiser and plans to send Kris a birthday card with the names of eveyone who donates by Monday.

The original goal was to buy a single cow @ $500, which turned into 2 cows, which turned into 10 cows, which led to where we are at currently: enough money raised to purchase 27 cows or $13,883.11 and counting. The goal now stands at $20,000 raised before his birthday on Monday. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

I'd like to suss out the interest in doing an old fashioned Dollar Drive for the cause (though keep in mind when thinking of ideas that Heifer's minimum donation is $5). It's short notice I know, but I think past sucesses such as Donors Choose have shown how good we are at being awesome at raising money. So, poll time.

ETA: Some people have expressed that they'd like to pick a range of options for the time. Let me know in the comments if that's the case but pick the best time for you in the poll!

Also, go here to see sdrichey's awesome donation offer to benefit both Heifer and Music Can Cures.

Poll #1580403 it's alright, alright with moo dollah drive
This poll is closed.

Do you wanna have a dollar drive to raise money for Team Alright with Moo?

Who is this Chris Allon person again?

What times are good for you?

Saturday Afternoon (2pm noon to 7pm EST)
Saturday Night (after 7pm EST)
Sunday Afternoon (2pm noon to 7pm EST)
Sunday Night (after 7pm EST)
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17 June 2010 @ 10:18 am
For anyone who enjoys Kris Allen or charity or cows or Kris Allen and charity and cows, this is your big moment. Cows are being "purchased" through Heifer International in honor of Kris's birthday and if you'd like to participate, you can find links and information on this post. Heifer Int. is a fantastic charity and a lot has already been donated (a whole dairy's worth of cows so far).

(if you're already sold by Kris Allen and cows, you can skip the exposition and just donate here, one less link for the lazy to open).
04 June 2010 @ 08:56 am
A message from DonorsChoose:

There will soon be a new GivingPage to collect donations in conjunction with tour; Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Challenge. Stay tuned for some exciting news about a DonorsChoose.org/Glam Nation Tour partnership.

But in the meantime we are responding to Adam’s call to action to support classroom projects; AND Bing is providing us with a quick and easy way to earn DonorsChoose.org gift cards.

DonorsChoose.org and Bing are partnering to give teachers the materials they need while encouraging folks to share stories about great teachers in the process. At Bing's Teacher Appreciation Site you can share up to five stories about your favorite teachers and why you’ll never forget them. Bing will then make a $5 donation for each story and you get to pick your favorite DonorsChoose.org project to receive it. 5 teacher messages earning $5 each—that’s $25 without even opening your wallet to support projects on the Adam Lambert Tour Challenge page.

Join Adam in celebrating teachers in lieu of gifts for his upcoming Glam Nation Tour, by redeeming your Bing gift card on Adam Lambert Tour Challenge page! So the Lambert challenge goes up—kids get resources—and you didn’t spend a dime!

Here’s how it works:
1. Visit bing.com/education and post a comment (100 to 500 characters) about a teacher who had a profound effect on your life or the life of a child you know.
2. Bing will email you a $5 gift code (within 24hrs) for your qualifying comment. Limit five messages per email address.
3. Visit DonorsChoose and use your code on your favorite music and arts project

For more information and instructions on how to vote, be sure to read the DonorsChoose.org blog post about the Bing Campaign.
08 March 2010 @ 06:48 pm
So we found another way for you guys to keep your GivingPages still active—get our total for Adam’s DonorsChoose.org challenge over the $300K mark—without even opening your wallets!

DonorsChoose.org is a part of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge competing to win $250K—and we know we can win with the help of the Lambert fanbase. Our management team has decided that if Lambert fans can vote for us that YOU should be able to help us spend some of the prize money on projects that you care about. If we place 1st or 2nd at the end of the month, each fan group posting this message, with members voting for us, will have an additional $1,000 worth of projects funded on their GivingPage. So post this message below to fan groups and let’s see if we can’t blow this competition out of the water.

As a bonus to you, when you encourage your fan group to vote, we will send you an EXCLUSIVE, NEVER BEFORE SEEN, video of Adam answering questions from students live at the Belvedere Middle School visit in Los Angeles. Email back a copy of your post to me and I will forward you the video.


The Pepsi Refresh Challenge is here: http://blog.donorschoose.org/

(I'll screencap this and send it in.) ETA: I sent it in and asked that they send the video to Julia to distribute, rather than to me, since she's the leader of this enterprise.

Yeah, marymary! Thanks for the additional info. :)

ETA another message from DC: We can vote everyday until the end of the month.

EDITED AGAIN: I thought that the video they mentioned was something we could post on our site; but based on a message I got from them today I now gather that the video can't be posted. So I think it best not to factor the video in, and just focus on getting $1,000 for each of the fan pages to contribute to classrooms.
19 February 2010 @ 01:01 am
For now, though we should get better video tomorrow.

Parts 2-5 below the cut.Collapse )

Membership to ontd_ai_gives has been opened. The Giving Page will remain up (though again, if you're planning anything with it, please give me a heads up) and this community is now available for any charitable efforts, DonorsChoose related or not. If you've got a project you'd like to get started, go ahead and post here with information and instructions.

Thanks, everyone.
03 February 2010 @ 04:23 pm
A few things:

1) I've contacted DonorsChoose with questions and concerns on how this seems to be set up. I'll let you all know as soon as I get any clarification. I'm honestly not sure how much I can do, though, since I imagine this is coming directly from Adam's management and who knows how keen they'll be to change anything.

2) Please don't suggest any questions anywhere other than an official (as in: posted by me or someone I've asked to do it for me) brainstorming post. I can't go looking through three different posts for questions, and when we do brainstorm I need you guys to follow some rules this time - no joke suggestions and no more than a certain number of suggestions in any one comment, for instance - so it's not as much of a headache this time around. ETA: I'm waiting on hearing back from DC before starting any brainstorming, since depending on the format, brainstorming might not do any good.

3) Charity posts are to happen at this community. Many posts were made notifying people of this and instructing them on how to join. The information on how to join is also in the userinfo. There is a reason for this: the main community is now filled with people who were not members during the challenge. In order to join this community, you have to provide proof that you were a member during the challenge. Please conduct any charity business here.

4) If you join and don't PM me a link to a comment/post you made or a poll you participated in at ontd_ai before 10/29/09, you'll be rejected and I'm not writing to people to explain why or searching through old charity posts for their names anymore. Send me a link. Doesn't have to be charity related, just has to be in ontd_ai.