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Message from DonorsChoose: Pepsi challenge

So we found another way for you guys to keep your GivingPages still active—get our total for Adam’s DonorsChoose.org challenge over the $300K mark—without even opening your wallets!

DonorsChoose.org is a part of the Pepsi Refresh Challenge competing to win $250K—and we know we can win with the help of the Lambert fanbase. Our management team has decided that if Lambert fans can vote for us that YOU should be able to help us spend some of the prize money on projects that you care about. If we place 1st or 2nd at the end of the month, each fan group posting this message, with members voting for us, will have an additional $1,000 worth of projects funded on their GivingPage. So post this message below to fan groups and let’s see if we can’t blow this competition out of the water.

As a bonus to you, when you encourage your fan group to vote, we will send you an EXCLUSIVE, NEVER BEFORE SEEN, video of Adam answering questions from students live at the Belvedere Middle School visit in Los Angeles. Email back a copy of your post to me and I will forward you the video.


The Pepsi Refresh Challenge is here: http://blog.donorschoose.org/

(I'll screencap this and send it in.) ETA: I sent it in and asked that they send the video to Julia to distribute, rather than to me, since she's the leader of this enterprise.

Yeah, marymary! Thanks for the additional info. :)

ETA another message from DC: We can vote everyday until the end of the month.

EDITED AGAIN: I thought that the video they mentioned was something we could post on our site; but based on a message I got from them today I now gather that the video can't be posted. So I think it best not to factor the video in, and just focus on getting $1,000 for each of the fan pages to contribute to classrooms.
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