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donating for the poor and frugal

A message from DonorsChoose:

There will soon be a new GivingPage to collect donations in conjunction with tour; Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Challenge. Stay tuned for some exciting news about a DonorsChoose.org/Glam Nation Tour partnership.

But in the meantime we are responding to Adam’s call to action to support classroom projects; AND Bing is providing us with a quick and easy way to earn DonorsChoose.org gift cards.

DonorsChoose.org and Bing are partnering to give teachers the materials they need while encouraging folks to share stories about great teachers in the process. At Bing's Teacher Appreciation Site you can share up to five stories about your favorite teachers and why you’ll never forget them. Bing will then make a $5 donation for each story and you get to pick your favorite DonorsChoose.org project to receive it. 5 teacher messages earning $5 each—that’s $25 without even opening your wallet to support projects on the Adam Lambert Tour Challenge page.

Join Adam in celebrating teachers in lieu of gifts for his upcoming Glam Nation Tour, by redeeming your Bing gift card on Adam Lambert Tour Challenge page! So the Lambert challenge goes up—kids get resources—and you didn’t spend a dime!

Here’s how it works:
1. Visit bing.com/education and post a comment (100 to 500 characters) about a teacher who had a profound effect on your life or the life of a child you know.
2. Bing will email you a $5 gift code (within 24hrs) for your qualifying comment. Limit five messages per email address.
3. Visit DonorsChoose and use your code on your favorite music and arts project

For more information and instructions on how to vote, be sure to read the DonorsChoose.org blog post about the Bing Campaign.
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