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everyone look over here for a second!

As some of you are probably aware, people (including myself) have been fundraising to buy cows and other livestock via Heifer International for Kris Allen's 25th birthday at Team Alright with Moo.

Heifer International is a charity focused toward helping families and communities through gifts of livestock and training to help them improve their nutrition and generate income in sustainable ways. You can learn more about their mission statement, past projects and other aspects here. Heifer has been great throughout these last couple days in promoting the fundraiser and plans to send Kris a birthday card with the names of eveyone who donates by Monday.

The original goal was to buy a single cow @ $500, which turned into 2 cows, which turned into 10 cows, which led to where we are at currently: enough money raised to purchase 27 cows or $13,883.11 and counting. The goal now stands at $20,000 raised before his birthday on Monday. THIS WILL HAPPEN.

I'd like to suss out the interest in doing an old fashioned Dollar Drive for the cause (though keep in mind when thinking of ideas that Heifer's minimum donation is $5). It's short notice I know, but I think past sucesses such as Donors Choose have shown how good we are at being awesome at raising money. So, poll time.

ETA: Some people have expressed that they'd like to pick a range of options for the time. Let me know in the comments if that's the case but pick the best time for you in the poll!

Also, go here to see sdrichey's awesome donation offer to benefit both Heifer and Music Can Cures.

Poll #1580403 it's alright, alright with moo dollah drive
This poll is closed.

Do you wanna have a dollar drive to raise money for Team Alright with Moo?

Who is this Chris Allon person again?

What times are good for you?

Saturday Afternoon (2pm noon to 7pm EST)
Saturday Night (after 7pm EST)
Sunday Afternoon (2pm noon to 7pm EST)
Sunday Night (after 7pm EST)
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