IM IN UR <noun> <verb>ING UR <noun2> (onthehillside) wrote in ontd_ai_gives,
IM IN UR <noun> <verb>ING UR <noun2>

it's alright, alright with moo, it's alright, alright with moo

Heeey guys! So the combination of results both here and at ontd_ai means that we're going to have the dollar drive on Sunday starting at 8pm EDT / 5pm PDT. This entry is unlocked but the Dollar Drive post will be locked so if you're not a member yet make sure to join!

Until tomorrow you can keep up to date with totals and happenings over at the Heifer Team page and at the @alrightwithmoo twitter!

A special thank you to teamaims for pulling this together over at ontd_ai!

And, as always, Sparkle Kris thanks you for your time.

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