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two quick things of note!

First off, I went through the comments of last weeks Dollar Drive for Heifer International and it looks like we all raised, at minimum $900, which is awesome! I hope everyone had fun. The total giving from Team Alright with Moo currently stands at $26,455.

Secondly, Adam and Donors Choose have paired up for another challange! Here's some info on the details directly from them:

Glam A Classroom is here! Adam has tweeted about the campaign—it is in the news in the blogs—the leaderboard is approaching $9,000—and there is excitement in the air!

Once again we will be asking for your help to support arts and music classroom projects. Any donations made through ontd_ai's old giving page from yesterday until the end of the challange will count. This would be an excellent time to push past 100k! will give out prizes:
For every donation made regardless of amount given, you'll be entered to win one of 15 gift cards to the Adam Lambert Official Store.

At the end of the campaign, the top 25 givers overall will receive a custom poster and a gift card to the Lambert Store.

Adam set a collective goal of 3,000 fans giving donations! So let's do it!

NOTE: there is not a direct fan group vs. fan group challenge; however Adam loves the that you guys get pumped up to outdo each other -- so keep up the friendly competition going.

/Donors Choose message

Donors Choose hasn't set an exact date for the end of the campaign, but I'll make sure to update people here and on ontd_ai when I hear more. It is my understanding that it will run at least through his current tour.
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