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Battle call sent out; go do your worst.

Just got the following email from the nice lady who heads all of the Adam/Donors Choose fundraising:

Hey Glam Nation -

This week only, has the opportunity to win ONE MILLION DOLLARS for classrooms from American Express. But, in order to get it, 100,000 people have to pledge to improve education at That’s $10 a pledge!!! [Ed. Note: Said pledge does NOT have to be monetary in nature--pledges include donating school supplies, tutoring a student, etc]

So what do you say? Will you help us get the word out on Twitter and Facebook? We’d be oh-so-grateful if you could tell your friends and family!

Thanks for alllll you’ve done to Glam Classrooms at!

Glam on,


P.S. – Consider this a teaser that we’ll have more videos from Adam’s visit to the offices available soon!
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