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using our powers for good

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ontd_ai: using our powers for good since last week

Welcome to ontd_ai_gives, where we give ‘til it hurts! This community is for any charitable efforts by American Idol fans. The community was originally focused on donations through DonorsChoose, but all charitable efforts are welcome - simply make a post with information and instructions.

The guidelines:

1) Our Giving Page will remain open. If there’s a project you’d like to see added, please contact me via PM and I will do my best to add it. Donations as small as a single dollar are accepted.

2) NO SELLING. This is not a community for fundraising by selling any items. We exist to facilitate group efforts in making individual donations directly to charity. If you want to sell items and donate proceeds to a charity, please do it in your own journal.

2a) Bartering is acceptable. Want to offer people on your flist a fic or piece of fanart in exchange for a donation they themselves make? Good idea, glad you thought of it.

3) You donate your own money with your own financial information. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO INDIVIDUAL EXCHANGE OF MONEY VIA THIS COMMUNITY. Too many potential problems can come of this, so PLEASE DON’T DO IT. We will not be responsible if your money goes amiss!

Thank you, and happy do-gooding!

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